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Christ The Eternal Tao

Christ Eternal Tao Hanji.jpg

In the oldest form in which we find the Chinese written character Tao 

it appears like this






composed of three elements

a road 


a human head


and a human foot


     The head is topped with the two plumes that were used in ancient days to signify the rank of General              and thus it means the leader; the picture of the foot has the meaning to follow.

The ancient Da Zhuan style character for Tao can be deciphered as

"To follow The Leader on the road."









 Mine is the way, follow me...

John 14:6


This is The Way, walk in it.

Isaiah 30:21


 The Way of Jesus-of dying to an old way of being and being born into a new Way of being-is a universal Way known to all the religions of the world and to millions who have never heard of Jesus.


-Anonymous Hindu Priest


There are many truths in other traditions, both those handed down from a past when people were closer to God, and those discovered by gifted persons in the reaches of the mind; but the full Truth is only in Christ, God's revelation of Himself to humankind.

- Hieromonk Damascene


Before the Word came into the world

The sages sought Him out in every place.

They saw Him not, but sensed His presence everywhere.

 They found Him in living beings, mountain crags, and flowing streams,

in seas and winds.

He was not these things, but He spoke in these things, guiding them.

All things followed His course.

Therefore the sages called Him by His other name:

The Way


-Gi Ming Shien

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